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Multi Platform Reseller

A reseller package that give complete satisfaction, freedom to maintain your customers’ accounts and more.In our Multi Platform reseller packages, we provide Windows.

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Virtual Private Server

Manashosting has implemented the Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology in its own method for the benefits of those individual or concerns who are in need of such technology for their business sake.

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V-Dedicated Server

Manashosting provides you with the option of going for a dedicated server solution at a price lower than the dedicated server packages with same configuration as that of dedicated server with its new technology named as V Dedicated Server.

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After working too hard to build your software, working day in and day out, showcasing all your experience, skills, ability, talent etc what next? Choosing the wrong solution can be a costly mistake for your application and your business.

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"You Have a Requirement ?We Have the Solution.

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A reseller package that give complete satisfaction, freedom to maintain your customers’ accounts and more.


product 1

Manashosting has implemented the Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology in its own method for the benefits.

How To Pay

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At Manashosting, we believe in customer satisfaction as our prime motive. This is why, we provide...

About Us

Manashosting is a Web Hosting company that is dedicated in helping large, small and midsize business companies to reach their customers online. Having created various unique and innovative packages we provide the best of Web Hosting service. Our services are backed with exceptionally good quality and low costs.

How manashosting technology is superior

" First time in India, Manashosting introduced PEM technology in shared hosting industry. After five years of dedicated work, Parallels with three thousand technician & programmers team developed this technology and several other technician tested the functionality before releasing it to the market. Using PEM technology customer will get reliable, secure and flexible shared hosting account."




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Manashosting has integrated the advanced technology control panel especially for low budget web hosting packages. It becomes easier to manage millions of domain using such technology even reducing man power cost. As a result Manashosting has the ability to utilize the power and flexibility of such technology and provide packages at a throw away price. Hence its quite obvious clients can avail packages at low price compared to other hosting concerns. Manashosting is a reliable web hosting company of India, committed to provide its customers with the most efficient and effective web hosting service possible. Our affordable price plans, stable and secure servers, efficient technical support, and a wide range of other attractive hosting features have made us a leading web hosting company in India. Your search for quality, result-oriented, and budget web hosting solutions ends here. One of the most important criteria that you need to consider is website space. While building a website, it is essential to ensure you have enough website space for everything you wish to put on it. The company delivers high-quality service at lowest price and provides various web solutions for individuals and businesses. The major services of the company includes, Unlimited web space and bandwidth hosting, reseller hosting, free domain name registration, Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, etc. We offer web hosting packages which suits everyone’s need. In the history of web hosting India, Manashosting is the only company who came up with the thought of providing unlimited space and bandwidth at an unbelievable low price which was a successful venture in the market when implemented. Till date our clients are happily utilizing the resources allotted along with packages for their web solutions. In today’s world where completion is rising sky high where customers have variety of choices to choose from it becomes more evident that companies with strong ability to provide better quality web hosting at a cheap price is very crucial. To achieve these qualities in a business one has to be very sound technically and also know the inside out of what the actual market is and what a customer would like to get. On the whole if we are looking at web hosting company’s in India there has been a wide opportunity since the complete scenario is developing and in this crucial stages seldom will a customer prefer to go for a cheap hosting package or companies who provide cheap web hosting.

Why choose us?

Manashosting is a Bangalore-based company that is dedicated in helping small and midsize business companies to reach customers online. We believe that by creating a website, all you have is just web presence

What is Web Space?

 Web space is the space provided on     the web server to host websites. In     other words

What's New

Manashosting is a renowned name in the arena of Website hosting. We have come up with really enticing range of products and services.

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